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Of the Love of God

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St. Francis de Sales’ treatise on the love of God is divided into 12 areas of study:

  • Introduction to the Whole Treatise
  • The Origin of Divine Love
  • The Progress and Perfection of Love
  • The Decay and Ruin of Charity
  • The Two Chief Acts of Divine Love, Which Are Complacency and Benevolence
  • The Practice of Holy Love in Prayer and Meditation
  • The Union of the Soul with Its God as Perfected By Prayer
  • The Love of Conformity, By Which We Unite Our Will to That of God
  • The Love of Submission, By Which Our Will is United to God's Good Pleasure
  • The Command to Love God Above All Things
  • The Supreme Authority of Love Over All the Soul’s Virtues, Actions, and Perfections
  • Counsels Concerning the Soul’s Advance in Divine Love

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This volume is also part of the Post-Reformation Catholic Thought and Piety collection.

  • Contains 12 areas of spiritual study
  • Presents the wisdom of a modern Doctor of the Church

Top Highlights

“We cannot hinder the conception of sin, but we may strangle it before coming to the birth by means of action.” (Page 6)

“Just so the Church is adorned with a marvellous variety of admirable treatises, sermons, and books, in which the Sun of Righteousness mingles His bright rays with the glowing hues which flow from the rich plumage of His mystic Dove. And prevailing above all tints and tones, gilding all saintly wisdom and eloquence, is the pure gold of Divine Love. In the Church of God all is of love, in love, to love, and for love.” (Pages v–vi)

“Just so the will assumes the character of that love to which it is wedded,—carnal if it be carnal, spiritual if it be spiritual; and all the affections which issue thence,—desire, joy, hope, fear, sadness, take their shape likewise from that source. The will is acted upon by the affections, among which love is foremost, and it shapes all that follow.” (Page 9)

“Therefore the aim and end of love is nothing less than union between him who loves and the object of his love” (Page 21)

“when we fix our love on Jesus Christ we have anchored our spiritual life in Him.” (Page 234)

St. Francis de Sales (August 21, 1567 – December 28, 1622) was bishop of Geneva and is a Roman Catholic saint. He worked to convert Protestants back to Catholicism, and was an accomplished preacher. He is known also for his writings on the topic of spiritual direction and spiritual formation, particularly Introduction to the Devout Life, along with his Treatise on the Love of God.


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  1. Mirko Vidovic

    Mirko Vidovic


    The work is mostly complete, but some parts are missing
  2. Joe Boyle

    Joe Boyle


$ 9,99 USD

Preço digital de tabela: $ 12,49
Economize $ 2,50 (20%)